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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Govt implementing One-Rank One-Pension for ex-servicemen

Govt implementing One-Rank One-Pension for ex-servicemen Appealing to ex-servicemen not to take the extreme step of returning their gallantry awards, government today said it has started implementing recommendations of the high level panel on One-Rank One-Pension. However, Defence Minister A K Antony said in the Rajya Sabha that implementing the award in one go was difficult. "In one stretch, we will not be able to implement it but we are near that goal... it is a long process," he said. He said the government has implemented all recommendations of the committee headed by the Cabinet Secretary which went into the demands for One-Rank One-Pension. This would have a financial implication of Rs 2,200 crore and would help 12 lakh ex-servicemen, he said. Source: PTI

Wednesday, 18 August 2010



Every day and night millions and millions of people surf the Web in search of information. Whatever they gather, are freely distributed to all. But the benefits availed depends upon the individual’s curiosity to practice it. Crying child only gets milk. You knock only then the doors will open.

Now that the information regarding the landmark judgement of the Armed Forces Tribunal, Kochi on the grant of dual family pension to the widows of the re-employed ex-servicemen in banks has been published.

All the affected widows and their well wishers should note that even though the verdict is applicable for all similar cases, but the benefit is passed on only to the petitioner not to all.

The respondents to the petitioner will never allow the verdict to be applicable to all unless and until all the affected file similar petitions individually in the Tribunal. Therefore now the ball is now in our court. All the affected widows and their well wishers should wake up now to knock the doors for similar verdict to get dual family pension.

The judgment clearly says that “By no stretch of imagination, the pension received from Canara Bank can be treated as a pension received from the Government. So there is absolutely no merit on the contention (of the respondents) that she is not entitled to get pension from the Air Force……..”


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