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Friday, 31 January 2014

Clarifications on ECHS CARD UPGRADING:

Clarifications on ECHS CARD UPGRADING:

Dear All

I am reproducing mail received from Central Organization ECHS clarifying certain issued raised with them recently.

I would like to thank the MD and his team for being so prompt in accepting our point of view and responding positively.

Thank you Gen George and all your team.


Dear Sir,
We in ECHS Central Organisation are receiving reports from veterans that undermentioned aspects are being highlighted by various Ex Servicemen Associations alongwith clarifications against each :-
(a) Inclusion of UID in ECHS Application Form. Clarification : This is Not Compulsory.
(b) Deposit of ECHS Cards while applying for Upgraded Cards. Clarification : This policy on deposit of ECHS Cards while applying for Upgraded Cards has been reverted. Now ESM have to carry their New Cards with the Old Cards to ECHS Polyclinic for registration where the Old Card will be deposited.
(c) Compulsory Upgradations from 16 kb Card to 32 Kb Card and to be done before 01 Jan 2014. Clarification : There is no such compulsion and where ESM finds that the Card Text is not readable or the Biometric check is not working for the card, the same may be changed through existing process.

You are requested to please give the above inputs to all veterans so as to avoid any confusion.

Cdr Ravindra Waman Pathak I.N. (Retd)

Member Governing Body and Pension Cell

Indian Ex Servicemen Movement

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